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How To Download

Steps to download your files:
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1. Reference the email you received when you registered. Note the ID and password.  You will need these to retreive your downloads.

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2. When your payment has been processed (this may take a few minutes), You will receive an email with your order details.
 Please note that for orders outside the United States this may take longer.

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3. Return to the Full Stature Download Store in your browser.

Download02 th


4. Click on "My Downloads" and Log In with your ID and Password

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5. You will see your download files. The suggessted method to download is to right-click on the link and select "Save Link as"

Download04 th


6. Select "Save File" rather than open if you are prompted.

Download05 th

7 After your Download completes, open the folder containing the downloaded file, right click on the file and select "Extract All".

  Please note that all of the downloads are now presented as a single "Zip" file for each item in the store. This "Zip" file contains
  all of the files (Audio, Video, eBook, etc.) for the store item.  These instructions will whow how to extract and load into iTunes.

Download06 th

8. Accept or edit the folder for the extracted files

Download07 th

9. Select all the files (CTRL-A) or use CTRL and Left-Click.

Download08 th

10. Now Drag and Drop the files into iTunes.

Download09 th

 11. Now you are ready to listen to the files in iTunes.

 Download10 th


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